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Elephant Havens

Elephant Havens

Okavango Voyagers is not only offering a true African safari experience but is especially dedicated to protect and preserve our unique environment which is offering us so many precious moments in nature. But at the same time we have to realize that fauna and flora is becoming more and more endangered on a global scale. For example, 30 % of Africa’s elephants have been lost since 2007, leaving behind thousands of orphans.

Protect and preserve the African Elephant

Here, it is a matter of the heart to us to support Elephant Havens, a non-profit organization working on the ground in Botswana to protect and preserve the African Elephant. An orphanage was built so that orphaned and abandoned baby elephants can be rescued and hand-reared, with the goal of eventually releasing them back into the wild alongside other elephants. Elephant Havens is also working with local communities to reduce conflict between villagers and elephants. Through education we hope to instill an understanding of the importance of conservation and habitat protection in future generations. This is a mission that was truly founded by love.

Homebase Botswana

Botswana was chosen as the home for Elephant Havens. The government of this southern African country is committed to the well-being of its people, its wildlife, and its wild lands. Hunting is banned and anti-poaching laws are strictly enforced. Home to more elephants than any other African nation, Botswana is the perfect place to carry out this important mission. We encourage both foreign visitors and local community members to visit and learn more about these remarkable animals.

How can you support Elephant Havens ?

Okavango Voyagers will be happy to arrange visits to Elephant Havens whilst on safari with us. During the visit our guests will interact with young elephants, learn about elephants behavior from experienced handlers, and take pictures with baby elephants. A (US) $100 donation per person to visit the orphanage provides expert health care, special lactose-fee baby formula and 24-hour care for each elephant by devoted handlers. Of course, visitors are also invited to arrange their own private visit, email or call Boago Poloko at +267 73 809 428.


General donations fund the community outreach and habitat protection initiatives, as well as paying for capital expenses, such as orphanage construction, staff housing, fencing, solar panels, and photo/video equipment. Less than 10% of donated money is used for Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation administration expenses, including fundraising and management costs. There are no salaried positions within the Foundation. Your tax-deductable donation will help protect and preserve the African Elephant for future generations. By funding the rescue and hand-rearing of orphaned baby elephants, you are making a difference.

Foster an Elephant

Young elephants are remarkably fragile both physically and emotionally. They must be bottle-fed a special formula every three hours to survive. Emotional support is just as important, so human handlers live alongside the orphans, never leaving them alone. Eventually the orphans can be weaned and reintroduced to the wild. By following the lead of others who have successfully raised many healthy orphans, we know we can save these remarkable animals. But we can’t do it alone.

We would love for you to foster one of the babies! Caring people like you are making such a difference in the lives of orphaned elephants. You will be able to select an orphan and set up a recurring donation for its care. You’ll receive a foster certificate, a photograph of your orphan, and monthly updates from the elephant keepers.